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What is Positive Psychology?

The Science of What Goes Right in Life and Work

How to

  • use your personal strengths and enjoy Flow
  • build trusting relationships
  • engage in constructive communication
  • feel satified in work and life
  • shield yourself from burnout and depression

In summary: How can people lead a fulfilling life and flourish?

Positive Psychology offers convincing answers to these questions. Positive Psychology is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the science of psychology.

As such, Positive Psychology can provide concepts and tools in order to help people flourish. The approaches of Positive Psychology are unique, because they are both scientifically validated and easily applicable in daily life and work.

And they can be learned. Our course in Applied Positive Psychology teaches you to apply the concepts of Positive Psychology in your work and in your life.

Learn more about the benefits of Positive Psychology and read what participants say about the course. 

Dr Daniela Blickhan, lead trainer, is the leading figure in Positive Psychology in the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Read more about her trainings, research and publications

She co-teaching this course with her daughter Sasha Blickhan, a budding researcher in Positive Psychology with a record of academic excellence and international experience. Daniela and Sasha have been co-teaching our certified Applied Positive Psychology courses since 2015, to universally enthusiastic feedback from our German participants.